Clavados FinalUsing a copper still we distill one small batch at a time. We select a small special cask for each batch to age on. The selected casks give the different batches unique qualities in taste, aroma and color. They are all bottled without chill or charcoal for the perfect flavor.  These batches are exclusive, very limited editions.

The Black Series is the core idea of the Mikkeller Spirits brand; it’s a permanent but ever changing concept.


Fresh from the still, the spirit is fruity and clean but with unmistakable flavours of hops and dark malts. It is then mellowed and enhanced through the process of barrel-aging.

For Black Calvados we selected a French oak barrel that had been used to mature the finest apple brandy for which the Normandy region is renowned.

The maturation process imparts another level of flavor and aroma to the black spirit.  In this case the apple and pear notes of the Calvados complement the fruitiness of the spirit and are delicately balanced with aromas of nuts, chocolate and a hint of oak.

43% ABV/ALC – 86 Proof – 37,5CL

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