Navy Botanical Gin


Mikkeller’s award-winning small batch Botanical Gin has been given the Royal (Navy) treatment, having been distilled to 114 proof (57% ABV).

This high-quality and premium-strength gin is handmade in a small copper still and infused with a carefully selected range of traditional gin botanicals, plus Simcoe hops.  The resulting spirit is strikingly fresh and aromatic, with a lively, complex flavor that belies its potent strength.

In the 18th Century, Navy Strength Gin was the apex of spirit distilling, and Mikkeller Navy Gin represents the embodiment of that proud tradition.

Tasting Notes

Distilled with the finest botanicals and infused with Simcoe hops, this beautifully balanced gin features fresh citrus and delicate pine aromas.  Fragrant botanicals and hints of spice precede bittersweet orange notes on the palate.  The refreshing quality of hops perfectly harmonizes with the robust spirit base.

Like any fine spirit it can be savored neat and without embellishment, or mixed to create an exceptional cocktail.

57% ABV/ALC – 114 Proof – 50 CL

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